Thursday, November 4, 2010


he Stone Love Collection is a celebration of the Earth and all who reside and rejoice in its beauty............This is all the inspirations that are naturally beautiful and naturally make those who wear them beautiful. Itake natural materials or materials that are in some way a tribute to nature and make unique statements for you to enjoy. Some things that are reocurring in this collection are real leaves dipped in 24k gold, tagua nuts, wood, shells, stones, feathers, leather, metals and whatever else I can get my hands on
Color, curve, and texture of the natural elements that are around us everywhere have always been used as adornment, beauty enhancement, costume, ritual. I have always been inspired by the vast richness of all the the many cultures old and new take pieces of the natural environment

Handmade bracelets from Ghana This is a new feature to the Stone Love Collection. These are hand made in Ghana by weaving colored plastic around a reed. The symbols and colors represent different tribes and their lands. My Sister (another Lux designer) goes to Ghana a few times a year, she hand picks each bracelet direct from the people who make them. They are beautiful, have amazing hand made quality and they add a great element to your outfit. They come in every color combination you can think of.

Tagua Nuts These beautiful things come from a palm tree the rain forests of Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, and Peru. They are also called vegetable ivory because of their similarity to animal ivory. This nut has played a role in helping curve the demand for animal ivory since this is a similar less expensive material. Especially before the invention of plastics it was used for everything from buttons to game pieces and still is today.
The indigenous people of South America used Tagua to represent the feminine because of its great magnet-like romantic energy. Each member of the tribe was given a tagua pendant to wear around his or her neck. The natives believed that persons wearing tagua would live in harmony and always be loved by their friends and family.
Today it is a vital resource for sustaining rain forest land and protecting it from deforestation by providing an eco-friendly crop that you can harvest without harming the forest.
This eco-industry also provides work for about 30,000 people.
I get my tagua from a source that uses fair trade practices and most of the beads are colored with vegetable dyes.